Annual maintenance contract
Installation Service /
         EPC for Specific Projects
Upgrade Program

Annual maintenance contract

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An Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) is a service agreement between our customers and us for the maintenance and support of our products over a specified period, typically 1-10 plus years. The purpose of an AMC is to ensure that the product or equipment functions optimally, receives regular servicing/preventive maintenance, and is promptly repaired in case of any issues.

  • Let the experts handle the hassle: Maintenance, servicing, and taking care of the product needs of your infrastructure is best left to the experts.
  • Enjoy round-the-clock service: When you have us as an AMC partner around, you are guaranteed peace of mind for all your service needs.
  • Best in Class Service Engineers: Average 15+ years of experience for our 160+ service engineers. Our 100 service centers across India will enable you to trust the experts in the field
  • Our expertise in this field enables us to service even some of the systems we have installed in 2000’s

Installation Service / EPC for Turnkey Projects

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Solar Powerplants & EV Chargers
Hybrid Powerplants
Large Commercial Solar Installations
UPS + Electrical Works Turnkey

With More than 32 Years of experience in Power Electronics Industry, we are proud to say we have completed more than 100,000 + sites spread all over India.

  • One of the largest UPS, Solar Inverter and Solar Powerplant installer in India.
  • We take up marque projects and execute at reasonable prices with great quality.
  • Largest Hybrid system Installation base in India of 10,000+ sites spread all over India.
  • Assured service support with 100 service centers spread across India.
  • No hassles replacement & operation with 160+ service engineers pan India.

Upgrade Program

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1. On grid/Off grid Inverter to Hybrid Inverter with storage

Why Hybrid Inverter:

Ongrid inverters do not work upon grid failure. If there is a power failure during day time, solar system will not work. Offgrid inverters do not export the excess solar energy back to grid.

Hybrid inverter is the latest technology product in the solar inverter family. The inverter will work in both offgrid and ongrid combinations with no loss of solar energy. Here are a few reasons why hybrid inverters are used

  • Grid independence
  • Backup power
  • Optimal energy utilization
  • Export energy back to grid
  • Load shifting, peak power management

Why lithium storage?

Lithium storage, specifically lithium-ion batteries, has gained significant popularity in various applications, including renewable energy systems, electric vehicles, portable electronics, and grid-scale energy storage. Here are several reasons why lithium storage is preferred

  • High energy density
  • Long cycle life
  • High efficiency
  • Fast charging (1hr)
  • Low self-discharge

2. Upgrade of Offgrid standalone solar pump systems to hybrid solar pump systems

Offgrid standalone solar pumping system do not have the features of exporting solar energy to grid when pump is not used. They do not have battery storage to store the solar power in battery and use energy during night time to power lights, fans, etc.

Hybrid solar power pumping plants is the unique in India product that does export of excess power to grid and also enables battery back-up to power pump, lights, fans, farm street lights, etc. They can also enable back-up with battery for 24 hrs.

3. Upgrade old UPS to new UPS systems

  • We have a special scheme for our customers where old UPS’s will be bought back
  • At a special price, we will replace that with latest technology UPS systems
  • This will come with higher capacity, parallel connectivity and scalability
  • This can be used with existing battery bank also

Program Details

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Power-One ongrid Inverters will be brought back at a reasonable cost to existing customers and a brand new Hybrid Inverter Systems ( With Optional Storage) will be provided at discounted Prises.

Optionally you can avail Power-One's installation service also for a quality experience to starting on your Hybrid Inverter Journey.

Extended Warranty

An extended warranty, also known as a service contract or extended service plan

  • The duration of an Extended warranties typically begin after the standard warranty expires and provide additional coverage for a specified period.
  • Extended warranties come at an additional cost beyond the purchase price of the product.