PMP Series

PMP series UPS has a compact footprint with In-Built Isolation transformer. The state-of-the art, double conversion topology and design of the PMP Series UPS is flexible and can meet practically all customer requirements. The system is suitable for use in harsh environments. PMP Series is best suited for Mission Critical, Medical. Application, Process Industry, Transport, Industrial Application, ITapplication and Telecom.


Rating Available

11kVA to 500kVA
3 Phase input and 3 Phase output.

Key Features

  • VFI, Online double conversion Topology
  • Built-in True Galvanic isolation transformer Design
  • Robust electrical design
  • Screw less cabinet design and anti-moisture, dust and corrosion coated PCB to withstand harsh conditions.
  • Strong anti-interference ability and protection.
  • Unique ventilation design for effective heat dissipation
  • DSP Technology guarantees high reliability
  • Designed to withstand all kinds of loads
  • Intelligent Battery Management system to prolong battery lifecycle
  • Accept dual mains input
  • Parallel operation up to 4 units
  • Easy integration into existing electrical networks of generator.
  • Wide input range
  • Power Walk-in
  • Generator Compatible
  • Back Feed Protection
  • Application

    Industrial Equipment, Computer, Medical Equipment, IT & ITES, Tier level
    data center, Plc & SCADA, Etc.