SmartE C&I

Power One SmartE C&I ESS is outdoor cabinet solution designed for small to medium size of C&I energy storage and microgrid applications. It is pre-installed in the factory for easy installation on site, double fire suppression system designed with Integrated EMS, suitable for various applications.
SmartE C&I ESS will be offered in 30kW and 50kW capacity and it is a modular design with capability to parallel up to 20units to arrive at 1MW rated output power with 2MWh battery pack.
Best solution for TOD tariff (peak Shaving) applicable areas as it intelligently monitors and operates


Rating Available

30kW & 50kW and scalable up to 1MW.

Key Features

  • Pre-installed in factory for easy installation on site
  • Integrated EMS, suitable for various applications
  • CATL LFP battery cell
  • Double fire suppression system design
  • 1+1 redundancy design
  • Effortless operation, cloud control
  • 7 inches EMS screen with simple operation
  • User friendly EMS design with multiple work mode
  • Provide third party communication interface for upper-level monitoring and control
  • Application

    Industries , Micro Grid