Solar EPC or Installation Service

Power-One offers Industry’s oldest and most rugged Off-Grid systems. Essentially offgrid products work in areas where there is no grid connectivity. Our products are also widely exported to multiple countries in Africa and are used in difficult environments.

Modular based

Uninterruptible power supply system

Unity power factor module

3.3 KW - 240KW
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An off-grid or standalone photovoltaic system is for producing your own electricity via solar, This system will generally have a battery bank in order to store the Solar Energy for use When needed.
An On-Grid or Grid-tie solar photovoltaic system is used when solar photovoltaic system is Connected to a utility source for self Consumption and export Excess Energy. On-Grid solar systems are advantageous as the electricity generated by Solar Consumed by the owner during the day and any surplus is exported to the grid. The Solar power generated will be consumed by the load fully by that we can used solar most and remaining will be shared from grid. Consumer will pay to the Escoms for the difference of units exported & consumed. If the Exported Energy is more than the Consumption in a month utility will be Paying for the Excess Exported units. solar-install
Salient Features
  • The load is fed directly from solar with priority and any excess Solar Energy will charge battery & when the Solar Energy generated is less than the Load requirement batteries will be supplying differential Energy.
  • When solar is not available, and the batteries are charged - the load is Supplied from EB power if available or from batteries (Priorities can be set as per the Customer Choice)
  • When both Solar and EB power is not available - the load is supplied from battery.
  • Generally these systems are highly suitable for power failure situations and for capacities
  • It has arrangement, to also accept three phase ac input from grid so that you can run the pump at full speed with solar preference mode whenever solar energy is not available Sufficiently.
  • The solar panels generates electricity from the sun's light with no moving or wearing parts.
  • A Solar pump is designed to utilize the direct current from the array efficiently, even as the energy production varies throughout the day.
  • The solar pump controller can be used on any AC 3phase pump, whether Monoblock or Submersible Pump of given HP as per rating.
  • The solar pump controller is housed in powder coated, rugged MS enclosure. It is designed with MPPT technology to maximize water delivery at various solar energy levels.
  • The pump controller can take solar power input and give three phase ac output to the ac pump such that when full solar power is available the pump will run at full rated speed and when it is cloudy or in the morning/evening (i.e., when solar power is limited) it will run a t lower speed proportional to the availability of solar energy and deliver the water.
Capacity 1 kW 2 kW 3 kW 5 kW 6 kW
Modle No. SGTU-101-N SGTU-102-N SGTU-103-SN SGTU-105N SGTU-106N
Nominal Input DC Power(KW) 1 2 3 4 5 6
Max. DC Input Voltage(V) 500
Startup DC Input Voltage(V) 80 120
MPPT Operating Range(V) 70-500 100-500
MAX. DC input Current (A) 13A
Max .DC input Current (A) 1 1 1 2 2
Number of Strings /MPPT 1 1 1 1 1
Rated Output Power(KW) 1 2 3 5 6
Rated AC Grid Voltage(V) 230
AC Grid Voltage Range(V) 140-290
Rated Grid Frequency(Hz) 50
Operating Phase 160-280
Rated AC Grid Output Current(A) 4.3 8.7 13.1 22 26
THD(%) < 3%
Grid Frequency Range 45.55
Max. Efficiency(%) 97.3(%) 97.5(%)