Solar Hybrid Inverters

Power-One offers the industry’s widest range of Hybrid solar string inverters from 1kW up to 250kW. Hybrid inverter provides net metering capabilities along with battery storage capabilities. These Hybrid Inverters are compatible to connect with all type of batteries technologies like Tubular, Li-Ion etc.

We offer transformer-less and transformer-based Hybrid Inverters based on load type the customer requirements.


Rating Available

1 Phase: 1kW, 2kW,3kW,5kW,6kW
3 Phase: 5kW,8kW,10kW,12kW,15kW,20kW,

Key Features

  • Pure sine wave output
  • Local load consumption and export to grid
  • Can be programmed supply priority for solar, battery or grid
  • Adjustable charging current and voltage feature
  • Programmable multiple operation modes like on-gird, off-grid and on-grid with battery backup
  • Parallel operation up to 6 units available for 3kw/4kw/5kw & 10kw models (optional)
  • Communication -RS232 Modbus, SNMP and GPRS (optional)
  • Application

    Residential sector , C&I sector , Govt Buildings