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PTM Series

PTM Series is best known for robust quality and long design life and widely used for Single Phase applications to provide reliable and customizable extended power backup solutions for mission critical applications like small offices, Banking Insurance, Analytical Labs, research centres and any kind of Single-phase Industrial applications with parallel ups option .

Digital signal processor based

Uninterruptible power supply system

Isolation transformer Based UPS
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Double Conversion on-line design, which makes the output a pure sine wave source with tracking frequency, phase-lock and voltage regulation, low distortion and without power fluctuation interference, providing the load with more comprehensive protection.
Built-in isolation transformer, strong anti interference ability, protection.
Self-diagnosis function before start-up avoid the risks that the failure may lead to. The multi-protections such as overload, short-circuit, over-temperature, battery under voltage, battery over charge and so on greatly ensure the system stability and reliability. Advanced phase-locked synchronization technology and dual electronic static out put switches, ensure the switching opertion between bypass and inverter without any disturbance. When UPS fails, it can transfer to bypass interruption provide AC power to load and provide the alarm information as well. DC start function. The UPS can be started directly without AC, which meet the emergent needs of the user.
Adapt intelligent battery management (ABM) technology, thus extending battery life and reducing battery maintenance times. Advanced floating switching and charging technology maximums the activation of the battery, thus saves the charging time and extends the battery life.
Communication with computer can be realized by RS232 with corresponding monitoring software. The various parameters can be shown on the communication interface. SNMP adapter. The UPS with remote network management capability can provide real-time data for communication and management systems.
Wide input voltage range up to: 160-270Vac, avoid frequently switching to battery mode, which adapt to the areas with harsh environment. Wide input frequency range, ensure all types of fuel generators connected work stable.
The can be start directly by battery group when no utility access in, which meets the emergent needs of user. Strong cold start ability, which can do the cold start operation when full load.
Salient Features
  • Best-In Class Single Phase Application.
  • High Reliability design.
  • In-built Isolation, Noise reduction filters.
  • Wide Input voltage facility.
  • Cold start.
  • User-friendly Network Management.
  • PTM series is an uninterruptible power supply with On-Line double conversion technology made as per VFI-DD-111 that can also be used as frequency Converters from 50 to 60Hz and vice versa. The digital control of the PTM Series UPS is considerably improves reliability, since a reduction in electronic components lowers the likelihood of breakdowns.
  • PTM Series comes with a wide Input voltage range helps to prevent frequent switch over to Battery Mode to increase the life time of the Battery. The wide frequency range of PTM Series UPS has Cold Start facility to ensure the load can be switched On even at no utility power availability.
  • PTM Series is with improved DSP control and it co-ordinates all the internal parameters, to increase the reliability and performance. The mimic front panel allows easy access and intuitive operation of the UPS and it gives most important parameters status and alarms, control commands, input, output, Battery measurements (power, current, voltage, frequency and temperature) and settings.
  • PTM Series is immune to the interference on the Electric power supply line as it has special input and output filters, PTM Series UPS with its strong overload capability, galvanic transformer isolation and low harmonic voltage distortion is the ideal solution for any mission critical applications like Medical or Industrial Load. PTM Series are suitable to work with large battery banks to get extended run time.
  • PTM Series comes with remote management compatibility to communicate with a Network Agent for applications on LAN or WAN networks. The UPS contains the hardware interfaces like Rs232, RS485 and Dry contacts, EPO (Emergency Power OFF) for UPS shutdown.
Techincal Specification
Voltage 400VAC/415VAC (3Ph+N)
Voltage Range 300VAC ~ 480VAC (Ph-Ph)
Frequency Range 45VHz to 55Hz
Voltage 220VAC / 230VAC (1Ph+N)
Voltage Regulation ± 1%
Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Wave form Pure sine wave
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) < 3% (linear Load) < 5% (Non-linear load)
Transient Variations & Recovery ± 5% for 0-100% step load & Recovery Within 1 cycle
Efficiency >92%
Overload Capacity 110% for 60 min ; 125% for 10min ; 150% for 60 sec ;
Crest Factor 3:1
Power Factor 0.8
Protection Overvoltage, Undervoltage ,Short Circuit,Any condition
Over Temperature Overload,Low Battery
Transient Response ±5% (Dynamic Regulation for 10% to 90% step linear load)
Transient Recovery < 1 cycle (Steady state condition after 10% to 90% step linear load)
Battery Type VRLA SMF / Tubular / NICAD / Lithium ion
Battery Numbers 12V x 32 Nos upto 20kVA,12V x 20Nos upto to 40kVA
Battery Voltage 192 VDC /240 VDC
Voltage 230VAC Single Phase
Transfer Time Zero
Overload 110% for 60min ; 125% for 10 min ; 150% for 60 sec
Maintenance Bypass Available
LCD Display Input Voltage, Frequency, Output Voltage, Battery Voltage,
Internal Temperature,Load % Date & Time
EMI 62040-1
EMC 62040-2
Performance 62040-3
Quality Standards ISO 900, 14001, 45001 & 50001
Communications RS 232,RS 485 MODBUS, SNMP
Ingesss Protection IP21
Operating Temperature 0- 40 °C (0-50 °C Available Optionally)
Humidity 0- 95 % (Non Condensing)
Altitude 0-1500 M without derating