Grid Tie / On Grid Inverters

Power-One offers the industry’s widest range of on-grid solar string inverters from 1kW upto 250kW. We do offer variants that will enable homeowners and commercial system owners to benefit from remote app monitoring and future upgrade possibilities with end-to-end operation and maintenance support.

On Grid inverter provides net metering capabilities and helps in converting DC power into AC, making customers become self-sufficient in power generation and helping them to produce enough power to export back to the local electrical grid.


Rating Available

1 Phase: 1kW, 2kW,3kW,5kW,6kW
3 Phase : 5kW,8kW,10kW,12kW,15kW,20kW,

Key Features

  • 30% to 50% DC Overloading with industry-leading power generation
  • 10% AC Overloading
  • Built-in DC and AC surge protections
  • Wide Input voltage range
  • RS485, Remote Monitoring with Wi-Fi/GPRS
  • Numerous Protection Functions
  • Single/Dual/Multi MPPT Design with Accurate MPPT Algorithms
  • Natural Cooling/Forced Cooling
  • Compact and Light Design for an Easy Installation
  • Transformer less GT Topology
  • Mobile App Monitoring
  • Optional Export Power Block Function, Weather Monitoring.
  • Application

    Residential sector , C&I sector , Govt Buildings