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Power-One's products are renowned for their reliability and exceptional efficiency, making them stand out to our valued customers. Our nationwide reputation is centered around the ease of installation and extended lifespan of our products. We are committed to providing the level of service our customers truly deserve, boasting the fastest customer service in the industry. Embrace the Power-One experience and embark on your power electronics journey with our products today.

Whether it's installation, repairs, or maintenance, our team of service professionals are just a phone call away. With Power-One, you can trust that your solar and UPS journey will be supported by a team that genuinely cares and is always ready to assist you. Join us today and experience the unparalleled after-sales service that sets us apart from the rest.

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Started in 1992, as a humble UPS manufacturer, Power-One today is India’s most favourite power protection equipment supplier. We cater to all your power needs, from Transformers to Solar Power Systems and of course UPS. We’ve been recognized by the Central Government in 2007 for providing Quality Products with the Prestigious National Award. This along with winning the SD Award for 12 years in a row. We’re the pioneers of the power conversion technology par excellence

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Power-One is unwaveringly committed to the cause of being the trusted partner you can rely on to power your progress. Our meticulously engineered power systems, coupled with exceptional after-sales service, are designed to help you surge ahead without interruption.

Power-One deliver peerless reliability: as our roster of satisfied customers will readily testify. You can rely on our cutting-edge technology, ceaseless commitment and matchless service to experience first -hand the power of reliability.
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When you choose to enlist Power-One’s range of products, you are essentially choosing superior quality, prompt delivery of products, and peerless service support throughout the product life.


Innovative Products across all UPS, Solar, Storage & EV range

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Average monthly electricity bill: Rs. 1500

Energy consumption: 1764 units/month

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Power-One solar service

Find the right size for your home or commercial site installed by India’s no. 1 solar inverter manufacturer

For your energy needs, we recommend

Mono Perc Panels with 25 year warranty
KW - Approximately 10 Solar Panels
Payback Period
7 Years
total cost
Total Cost
Approx. Rs. 7

Power-One will provide the Operation and Maintenance for the installation. Also, relevant software upgrades will be provided for all our products as needed free of cost. Optional lithium storage can be installed at the time of your convenience.

Know more about our Hybrid inverter range, here.