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mak, Powerone Microsystems – One Stop To Your Solar Needs
  • Opening Times: Mon - Sat 9.00 - 18.00
1800 425 7832
080 22027400


Meet the industry standard bearer in manufacturing and exporting power conversion technology in India. With over 25 years of experience in our bags, we understand renewable energy better than anyone. PowerOne is the pioneer in the field of Solar-on-grid inverter, Solar Hybrid Inverters, Solar Off-Grid Inverters and Solar Power Plants. There isn’t a company in India that can rival our years of experience and expertise in the field.

Our customers recognize our products not just because they are reliable, but because they do the job efficiently. PowerOne is famous across the country for our easy to install products with a long service life. We offer our customers with the service that they deserve, with the fastest customer service in the sector. Put your faith in PowerOne and start your Solar journey today!

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PowerOne is proud to offer India the best with its range of Power Solutions. For all your Power needs, PowerOne is your friend along the way. With a reasonable price and quick reliable service, you’re not likely to find any better Power provider.


We’ve worked with the best companies to fulfil their power needs. Delivering the best products with the greatest service. Don’t believe us? Check out this gallery of some of the many products we’ve provided to our valued and satisfied customers. Nobody does Power better than PowerOne.

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Powerone Microsystems Private Limited is with you  in your journey towards a self-sustaining future. With us, you are family! Customer satisfaction comes before anything else.

Professional Installation

We guide you through the process of setting up any of our products, with the utmost patience. We’re very flexible when it comes to ensuring customer satisfaction.

Quick Response

Needless to say, a quick response time is something we’re very proud of us. PowerOne is historically well known for attempting to solve all it’s customer’s problems within 48 hours. That’s a promise you can believe in.

Quality Products

PowerOne is your one stop shop for all your Power needs. From Frequency Controllers to Solar Power Systems. With us quality and reliability are two things you can be assured of.

Afordable Price

And all this doesn’t need to break the bank! We make sure your Power needs are met at an affordable price. We routinely check up on your system to make sure they run smoothly.






Regional Offices


Satisfied Employees



You can always see what we’re up to on our Blog. We will share tips and tricks about the most efficient Power habits and how our products can make your life better. Check out some of our communication below.

From The CEO's Desk

At PowerOne, we’re all dedicated to the simple task of making our customers happy. So your suggestions and complaints aren’t a liability but an absolute asset. We have a long and well-tested history of 25 years in providing nothing but the best. We started in 1992 as a small UPS provider, today, we offer 50+ products but with the same zeal as back then. We believe that Bangalore can be completely and fully energy sufficient and energy efficient. We believe in Bangalore. That is why we have established a state of the art manufacturing facility right here in the city. Creating hundreds of jobs for Bangaloreans. We have the most productive and motivated people working with us to ensure a smooth transaction for you. With customer service consistently ranked as the best in the country, you can be rest assured you’re in great hands. We made our identity as makers of India’s favourite UPS, but today we offer everything from Solar Panels to Transformers. That is thanks to the PowerOne family, our customers and our staff. They are PowerOne!

I.B Rao Managing Director


Highly Accredited Awards and Recognition