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Solar Products

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Did you know that India is the world’s third largest market for renewable energy? That in India the solar power generation capacity is higher than it has ever been? And that Solar power costs are much lower than those of traditional power sources?

PowerOne would like to welcome you to the new India. An India that fulfils its energy needs with it’s abundant sunlight. Where every business and home is contributing towards a greener and a better tomorrow. It is this India that we encourage you to be a part of. With PowerOne, your Solar Power needs have never been this easy! We offer both Grid Connected and Off-Grid power systems. Depending on your usage, you can select the option that best suits you. Along with that we also offer Solar Power Inverters. So you can enjoy clean and uninterrupted power through the day and the night. PowerOne also provides the best in the industry Solar Power Water Pumps.

The future lies in Solar Power, with traditional power sources loosing steam. With PowerOne you can be rest assured you’ll get the best service in the industry. With quick problem resolution, reliable customer service and a feeling of family. Our products are the gold standard in an industry populated with sub-par products and services. With a long award tally and recognition by the national government, you just know your Solar Power needs are in the best hands.

Come join Power One! And power your home with the greenest and most reliable Solar Power India has to offer.