PTM 800 Series UPS

6KVA to 15 KVA 

1Phase - 1 Phase

POWER ONE PTM 800 series UPS is a cost effective, compact and lightweight UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply that establishes a constant, reliable source of power. Protecting your data & hardware and ensuring your operations are maintained accurately, this compact UPS of Powerone is highly optimized to provide a very high efficiency at part load conditions.

The PTM 800 series UPS is assured to be best in class output voltage regulation , helps when low input current harmonic distortion and is dynamic responsive. Not only will it help by cutting your costs, but also reduce your carbon footprint by implementing environmentally friendly solutions to your power problems.

The upgrade of the PTM series incorporates the selecting of all the major power chain components based on maximizing the components efficiency at part load conditions. Efficient up to 97.5% in dounle conversion mode and 99% in eboost operation mode, the PTM 800 series UPS is one of the most energy efficient double conversion UPS in the country.

FEATURES Product Catalogue

  • Small bulk, light weight and strong cubical design
  • Sophisticated Micro control based digital controlled Design
  • True Sine Wave double conversion online topology
  • Wide Input voltage and frequency range.
  • High efficiency design especially for machine and inductive load
  • RS232 communication port and inbuilt SNMP slot.
  • Enhanced protection against lightning surges, sag and swell.
  • Hot Standby facility
  • Large Screen Display.
  • Easily operated and feather touch display board


  • Data Centre
  • Computer Work Stations
  • Net Working Equipments and EPBX
  • Telecom and Cellular Equipments
  • Automatic Teller Machines
  • Medical and Laboratory Equipments
  • Fire Protection Equipments
  • Special Purpose Machines
  • PLC and CNC Control Circuit
  • Inductive, Air Conditioner and Motor load
  • Defence