Industry Leading Isolation Transformer Manufacturers and Exporters

We manufacture and export various types of Isolation and Insulation Transformers which protect the load from noise and spikes that appear in the mains utility supply.
Isolation transformers are necessary to your business and homes to help them to protect circuits, equipments and people from surges and short circuits as well as ensuring accurate measurements.

Powerone Isolation systems provide isolation to critical machineries from the mains power line. By using an isolation transformer, the surges, spikes and other damaging disturbances will not affect your equipment. It helps to avoid disturbances from entering mains line from your load. With a 1:1 ratio, transformers can separate the primary and secondary windings and provides direct current power isolation.
Isolation transformers manufactured by Powerone has high magnetic linkage and high insulation resistance. The transformer is wounded in such a way that the primary and secondary winding does not have a direct current path.
We provide a range of transformers to suit customers need. Our isolation transformers have a capacity ranging from 0.5kVA to 500kVA with a coupling capacitance as low as 0.009pF. Such a low coupling capacitance helps the transformers to efficiently provide galvanic Isolation. Our product uses industry standard copper for shielding and helps in minimizing earth to neutral potential. We manufactured these isolation transformers to be highly efficient and provide excellent regulation with minimal temperature rise.


  • Complete electrostatic shielding &grounding.
  • Reduces power line noise, spikes & transients.
  • Total isolation from input and output.
  • Three phase to single phase conversion.

The benefits of isolation transformers:-

  • Isolation in different circuits can be substituted by isolation transformers. With 1:1 ratio, isolation transformers can separate the primary and secondary windings.
  • Isolation transformers facilitate direct current power isolation. In case of telephone lines, where amplifiers are required at various intervals, it is isolation transformers that carry out the separation of direct current components from the signal to control every amplifier on the line.
  • Isolation transformers prevent the risk of electric shock by uniting a vessel to the electric power source. They facilitate separation of the person from the resource in a manner that the electric wirings do not touch the power line directly.
  • Without isolation in electronics testing and servicing, touching a live part of the circuit can prove to be dangerous. Thus, 1:1 ratio transformers are used for isolation in order to provide safety. Isolation transformers have therefore proven to be an excellent option for gadgets that use electricity.
  • All kind of noise and sound that is created by connecting the signal of the audio amplifier to the speaker output circuit is reduced with the help of isolation transformers.
  • Isolation transformers separate the amount generated by a radio frequency on large devices of the circuit from the transmitter line. They facilitate the connection of the amount produced by the radio frequency amplifier to the transmitted signals and direct it towards the antenna.

Whatever your requirement, you can get the best-in-class isolation transformers that are extremely durable, and contain superior wiring and connection terminators, from Power-One. We manufactured these isolation transformers to be highly efficient and provide excellent regulation with minimal temperature rise.


  • Analytical and Bio-Medical equipments.
  • CNC processors and peripherals.
  • Computer and peripherals.
  • Digital communication equipments.
  • Instrumentation and Telemetry.
  • Special purpose machinery.
  • Telecommunication equipment.



Capacity available

0.5KVA to 500KVA

No. of phases

Single, Two and Three

Input Voltage single phase


Input Voltage Three phase


Output Voltage Single phase


Output Volatage Three phase


Line frequency

50Hz 3%

Transformer Ratio


Load Regulation


Shielded material

Copper metal

DC Isolation

1000M Ohms

HT Breaking Voltage

2.5kV AC RMS for 60sec

Coupling capacitance


Class of Insulation

B', other class available

Noise Rejection


Common mode


Transverse mode